"The Hot Rod Lincoln"

From Santa Barbara, California

Starting a race car project with a luxury performance car like this 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII (supplied by Ford SVO) is unusual enough, but owner Jim Gazdzik is even going to take this car to the Bonneville Salt Flats. That's right, this is a salt flats race car. All modifications have been done with that in mind; setting up the roll cage, reinforcing the Lexan windshield, the double parachutes, triple bottle fire system, the rear spoiler, all with Bonneville in mind. This is also necessary for running at the dry lake events at El Mirage and Muroc, where it will be competing in the dirt.

During initial testing and early record runs on both the salt and dirt, "The Hot Rod Lincoln" will be powered by a special version of Ford's SVO BOSS 429 hemi-headed race motor. This all-aluminum motor has been de-stroked to 362 CID to fit into the top of Bonneville's C/Gas Altered class. Dyno testing has shown that the motor develops close to 700 HP on gasoline and should have no problem running the 5 miles necessary for record runs on the Bonneville Salt Flats. With this much horsepower from the Ford SVO motor and the excellent aerodynamics of the Lincoln Mark VIII body, C/Gas Altered should be the first of many records set by this Hot Rod Lincoln from Santa Barbara.

Jim Gazdzik and his Hot Rod Lincoln.

We'd like to thank the people at Ford SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) for their help in securing this beautiful 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII. Without that starting point, this project wouldn't have been possible.

The Hot Rod Lincoln
Moon hub caps, parachute tubes and a massive rear spoiler; marks of a true Bonneville racer.

Henry at Auto Sports in Santa Barbara completed the spoiler and much of the "tin work" on The Hot Rod Lincoln. His expertise can also be found on the fuel and water tanks that were fabricated from stainless steel. If you need something made for your own Hot Rod check him out.

We can't say enough about the guys at J & S East Valley Garage, they've helped us time and time again on this car. Jay and the guys are true racers and run the Titan Xpress Top Fuel Car out of their shop. If you've got a problem with a race motor, they can probably fix it.

The Hot Rod Lincoln

Here is the car, finally finished and waiting for it's maiden trip to the dirt.

May 1998

As you can see from the photos, True Radius Bending of Santa Barbara did a super job on the entire roll cage and frame reinforcing. They've helped a lot of racers in the area over the years and run a very fast lakester at Bonneville, "The Razzberry Rocket."

There are a lot of people and companies that have been involved with this project over the last few years, some have helped with parts, some have helped with labor and some have just "helped".

We'd like to thank them all!

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