"The Hot Rod Lincoln "

News Letter

August 2000

Photos from El Mirage and Muroc.


 Here "Gaz" is taking off at El Mirage for a license update.

The Hot Rod Lincoln is just entering the clocks at El Mirage. 



 It's now past the lights, going into the shut down area.

 The rest of the photos are from the Muroc Reunion at Edwards Air Force Base. The dust was so bad we shut down the course both Saturday and Sunday around 1:00 PM. You can see the car in this photo, but just a little later the car was hidden by blowing dust.



 John Petri has just gotten out of The Hot Rod Lincoln after a licensing pass at The Muroc reunion. Must remember to disconnect the air breather from the helmet before getting out next time.

 John and Gaz are out in the open spaces at Muroc Dry Lake, one of the landing sites for test aircraft at Edwards Air Force Base.



 John Petri and Jim Gazdzik with The Hot Rod Lincoln on the dirt at Edwards.

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