"The Hot Rod Lincoln "

News Letter

September 1999

Photos from the USFRA 1999 World of Speed

The USFRA World of Speed, rainout, all water no visible salt.
It got a little wet for the USFRA event scheduled for September 22nd thru the 25th of 1999.

We had planned on going to Bonneville for Speed Week in August, but just couldn't get everything done in time. So we were ready for the Utah Salt Flat Racers Association meet that was set for September 22nd through the 25th. In fact, we went up a day early to help with setting up the event. Oops, one problem, it rained Sunday night and when USFRA officials looked at the course Monday morning they realized that they wouldn't be able to run the event and cancelled the meet. Only we were on the road at the time and didn't find this out until after we arrived in Wendover. When we got out to the salt on Tuesday morning, it was obviously a wash out!

This is looking North off the end of the blacktop.

These photos were taken at the end of the blacktop road going onto the salt flats Tuesday morning around 9:00AM. We didn't go into the water, but I imagine it was about a foot deep straight off the blacktop

With good weather for the next few weeks, it should (we hope!) dry off enough to run the SCTA/BNI World Finals in October. Everyone told us the course was great until late Sunday night when a "gully washer" came through. All this water was dropped in about 25 minutes!

The new Ford F-350 Powerstroke Diesel with the The Hot Rod Lincoln in tow.

Jim Gazdzik and John Petri beside the race car.

If we would have had a jet ski, it would have been a great race vehicle. Set up a few bouys for corners and we would have had a race course for personal water craft. It was a perfect opportunity for a jet ski commercial to have been filmed here!

The shoreline of the race track.

Jim Gazdzik and Rick Richardson looking East towards the International Course and the dike behind it.

We were ready to race, but it wasn't going to happen this time.
All we could do was head back to California and the next race at El Mirage.

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